Choir begins!!!

AlexandrianChoirs-Logo-Solist-χαρούμενα χεράκια βαθύ φουξJust few days ago, August left and our vacations have ended. A bit melancholic but content, relaxed, tanned, with full batteries and ready for work, with new high, challenging goals and fresh dreams, we give our first appointment:
Saturday, 10th September
4:00-6:00 am for Melissanthi and
6:30-8:30 am for Alexandrian Voices

None shall miss the first rehearsal of announcements, decisions and study!!!

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Musical Christmas with the Alexandrian Choirs


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As every year Melissanthi and Alexandrian Voices give the tone of Alexandria Municipality’s Christmas events. This year we’ll have the joy to sing with us the Alexandria’s Chanters’ Chorus.

After the Christmas Tree of our town the successful appearance of Melissanthi at the 21st Panhellinic Choral Meeting of Neapoli-Sykies Municipality, we’ll be waiting all of you on Sunday 20th December 2014 at 19:00  at Alexandria’s Town Hall.

Of course the with free entrance as always.

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Alexandrian Choirs for the blood donation

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The new Choral Year is here and Melissanthi and Alexandrian Voices are tuned to rehearsals starting on Saturday 12/9. Check the scheduled meetings at the calendar. Thought the important is that this year too Alexandrian Choirs support blood donation participating to the 13th torch race of POSEA.

The choirs’ music will be part of the informational event about the blood donation presented by the expert Chrysa Papaiordanou.
We’ll be waiting for you on Friday, 16th September, 19:00 at Alexandria’s Town Hall.

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Alexandrian Voices “Meet Mozart” in Salzburg

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this year too Alexandrian Voices represent Alexandria and Greece in international choral fests. This time in Austria, they take part in the 17th International Cantus Music and Culture Festival & Choir Festival “Meet Mozart” Salzburg 2015.

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19th Choral Meeting of Alexandria

19 ΣΧΔΑ Αφίσα - CopyThis year too Alexandrian Choirs, Melissanthi and Alexandrian Voices, are waiting for us at the 19th Choral Meeting of Alexandria on Sunday, 19:00 at Alexandria’s Town hall.

You can see all the event archive at Google+, as Photos and Publivations, the videos on YouTube or follow the event on Facebook.

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Alexandrian Voices at the 7th International Festival of Orchestras and Choirs

7o Φεστιβάλ Φιλαρμονικών Χορωδιών Ορχηστρών Θεσσαλονίκης

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The events of Alexandrian Choirs for 2015 start with Alexandrian Voices in Thessaloniki at the 7th International Festival of Orchestras and Choirs, on Sunday, 29th March, 18:00 at the Main Hall of Aristotle University. The entrance is free.

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Peoples’ Christmas


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As every year Melissanthi and Alexandrian Voices give the tone of Alexandria Municipality’s Christmas events. This year they’ll travel us around the world with diachronic melodies Middle Ages to the present day with People’s Christmas.
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Alexandrian Voices at the celebration of the 100 years of the Bar Association of Thessaloniki

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On Friday 3rd October 2014, 18:00, at the Main Ceremony Hall of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Alexandrian Voices participate at the celebrations of the 100 years of he Bar Association of Thessaloniki (B.A.Th.). Περισσότερα… | More…

Back to our rhythm

Alexandrian-Choirs-Logo-SingleS-DRedAfter the meeating of the first rehearshal of the year we are returning to our normal rhythm and we are waiting for your! Every Saturday 16:00-18:00 Melissanthi of the youngs and 18:30-20:30 Alexandrian Voices of the adults are at Alexandria’s Choral Center for their rehearsal and they welcome the new members.


If you love music, singing, good company and the beautiful experiences the choir offers come on Saturday to meet us, let us hear you and become a member of our choral family.

To be sure about next event or rehearshal of Alexandrian Choirs you can follor the calendar or at any time contact the choirs via email at, the contact form or just Facebook or Google+.

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New Year – New Members – New Choir

AlexandrianChoirs-Logo-Solist-pupilThe schools start today and like every year the first Saturday of the school year the rehearsals of the choirs of Alexandria Municipality, Melissanthi and Alexandrian Voices start, too.

This year, however, our year begins differently! A New Youth Choir of high goals is being founded!

Also, our pianist and composer, Kostas Pantelidis, right after the rehearsal of the Alexandrian Voices, will give a lecture on the program-classical music!

Old and new friends are invited at the rehearsals and the lecture on Saturday 13/9, while anyone who wishes to become a new member of the choirs can pass by the next Saturday 20/9 at the hearing of the choir they wish to become member of.

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