Since the foundation of the first children’s choir at 1987 up to now Alexandrian Choirs have performed in hundrends of event in Greece or beyond boarders. These events are usually competitions, festivals, concerts or special events and of course the Choral Meeting of Alexandria they’ve been organising since 1996. Some are just of cultural interest but some have a community dimention as well.

Stay up to date for the upcoming events and rehearshal watching the calendar. If you have a google account or you use an android device you can sync your personal callendar with the choirs’ as well.

For the past events you can navigate through the events’ archive to find the links for the event you want to learn more about or just remember. Our volunteers are gradually digitize the save printed archive, so there’s a chance that the event you’re looking for in not fully digitized yet or there’s no evindence left of it and it skips our memory. Of course you have videos, photos or other kind of “souvenirs” and you’re kind enough to share it with the choirs’ friends please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Finally you at the special reference for the 25 years of the choirs you can check out some statistics from the choirs’ action until 2012.

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