Website Creators


For this website work (volunteerly)

Design – General Management
  • Eleftheria Tsiarta
Data Entry & Processing
  • Afroditi Tsalkitzi
  • Dimitra Tsalkitzi
  • Lefteris Papanapakidis
Text editing
  • Magdalene Karamousa
  • Athanasia Paraschou
Video Editing
  • Aspa Stylpnopoulou
  • Symeon Lagopoulos

And of course all the choristers and friends of the choirs who offered their photos, data and above all their time.
Thank you!

We specially thank the directors Ms Eleni Theodoridou and Mr. Grigoris Savvopoulos for offering their archives, which we gradually digitize. The discovery of all these data would be imposible without their care and thoroughness all these years.

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