Melissanthi at 29th Thessaloniki International Choral Festival

Costas Pantelides was born in Russia, where he began his musical studies.

In 1995 he moved to Greece. He completed his studies in piano and theory of music at the Thessaloniki State Conservatory, and he followed his studies as a composer at the School of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia. Nowadays he is completing his PhD in composition at the Music School of the Ionian University.

Kώστας Παντελίδης Τουρκία
Greek – Turkish Music Concert [Izmir, Turkey]

He has presented works of his in Greece, Spain and Russia. He has written music for films (International Short Film Festival in Drama, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival), and for theatrical performances at the University. Also, he interpreted work of his within the european program Art and Culture Without Borders.

He met the choirs in 1997, after our conductor, Eleni Theodoridou, spotted his talent at the Thessaloniki State Conservatory and timidly dared to suggest to him to come and accompany the choir at the piano, since our first pianist had just quit due to his university studies.

As for us the choristers, we simply do not believe our luck that such a talent is so strongly linked to the choirs’ history and is still with us! We wish he’ll spread his light upon us for a long time, but mainly to see him excel internationally as a composer, as we know he can.

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