Οι Αλεξανδρινές Φωνές στις Ελληνικές Χορωδίες

Melissanthi at Greek Choirs & Festivals


The Youth Choir Melissanthi was founded as the Children’s Choir of Alexandria Municipality in 1987, by the mayor of Alexandria of the time, the late Dimitrios Brouskelis, and Gregory Savvopoulos, aiming to the creation of a youth musical cradle in the town.


29th Thessaloniki International Choral Festival

Currently it operates under the Charitable Company of Alexandria Municipality (K.E.D.A.) and has become a major attraction for children and young people of the city.

Goal of the choir is equally the choral and music development of its members and the contribution to the cultural development of Alexandria and the surrounding area.

Although it started as a small ensemble singing monophonic or at best diphone melodies without  instrumental accompaniment, today has more than 80 choristers, mostly girls, 10-25 years old, and interprets as a triphonic choir almost all kinds of music, with an emphasis on the music of the nations and Greek composers. And furthermore it has the pleasure and honor to be permanently accompanied at the piano by Costas Pantelidis.

6th International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival & Competition [Wernigerode, Germany]

At this point it’s worth mentioning that from the very  second concert of the children’s choir “special partners” started to participate occasionally, usually by accompanying  with an instrument a few songs.  Since 1995, until 1999, one of the choristers, Spyros Liguras began systematically to accompany the rehearsals and concerts with his violin, while the same year we had the happiness of joining us the pianist Sakis Raptopoulos, who for two years, along with Spyros, contributed significantly to the improvement of the choir. Both during their entire “service”, and for his first five years Costas Pantelidis, have provided their valuable talent absolutely voluntarily! For this we owe them, and all those who offered their unstinting help to our choirs, infinite gratitude.

Melissanthi WCG Graz 2008

World Choir Games 2008 [Graz, Austria]

From its foundation until today it has at its credit many concerts, competitions, appearences on television and radio, and other events both in Greece and abroad. In many of these the choir was prized with medals, awards or honors, like that from UNESCO in 2003 and the one by the Holy Diocese of Veroia, Naousa and Kampania at 2002. Each of them has its unique importance, but perhaps the most striking of them was the participation in Choral Olympics in Graz in 2008, in which Melissanthiwas awarded with a Silver Diploma. Of course each event has its own merit and whoever wishes may recur to the events’ archive.

Τhe events include the Choral Meeting of Alexandria Municipality, initiated by the children’s choir in 1996 and has grown into one of the most important institutions of the city.

Melissanthi conducted by Eleni Theodoridou.

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