Solist, who was named just 19th January 2013, because of the creation of this website, is the logo of the choirs. He made ​​his debut at the very first concert programof the childrens’ choir and since then has carved his own path.

He started as a sketch of the creator of the choir Mr. Grigoris Savvopoulos, and eventually he was named as Solist, after a proposal of Grigoris’ son and now chorister, Kyriakos. Until 2003 his presence was always a result of the artistic skills of Grigoris’ hand. In 2003, however, thanks to the academic study on the choirs of the Municipality of Alexandria, he acquires his  first digital format, while in recent years with the new technology options he increasingly makes his presence noticeable.

In fact he likes upates and to his honor we created an album with his appearances.


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