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Γρηγόρης Σαββόπουλος ΠαΜακ

Bodra Pessen in Greece

Gregoris Savvopoulos was born and raised in Thessaloniki.

He might be not part of the official organizational chart of the choirs and his valuable contribution their creation and development is entirely pro bono, but it’s perhaps the most important.

When he found himself in Alexandria as a rural doctor he became the cause and the creator of the children’s choir in the city. Since then, while excelling as a doctor, he ceaselessly is the heart and the soul of the choir. He is the one who envisages, strives for the best future of both choirs, Melissanthi and Alexandrian Voices, and leads to their  success.

Melissanthi - Silver III 6th Int. Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition - Wernigerode 2009

6th Int. Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition [Wernigerode, Germany]

Though it may seem difficult to combine a medical career with the music, Gregory adored choral music since he was a child. He participated in major choirs of Thessaloniki, through which he acquired unique experiences and collaborated with major artists such as Manos Hadjidakis.

For us the choristers, he’s  the “crazy” that when the choir was singing hardly diphone songs dared to imagine that we would participate in prestigious local festivals such as the Thessaloniki OTE Festival and afterwards in competitions in Greece, and then abroad, even at the Berlin Philharmonic. Fortunately for us he is still dreaming follies and we hope he’ll never stop.

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