“Melissanthi” in Alexandria re-founded with soloists

The children-youth choir Melissanthi gets renewed!

Children from Alexandria or Imathia in general, at least 9 years old, are welcome to choir to be prepared for the next big events. Melissanthi is currently training to represent Greece at the 10th and 11th World Choir Games, at 2018 and 2020.

Our ambition is to create a high level world class choir with great potential and international repertoire!

In addition the choir, under the directions of the conductor and pedagogue, Ms Eleni Theodoridou, offers a variety of activities, events all over Greece, participation in Alexandria’s major events, participation in Greece and International choral festivals and competitions, excursion and of course pleasant rehearsals full of music!

We invite all the children and the teenagers of the area to give the choir a chance, especially those that are interested in music and singing!

Our meeting for rehearse take place every Saturday, 16:00-18:00 at the Choral Center. Registration and membership at the choir are gratis.

For further information take a look at www.choirs.gr or email us at info@choirs.gr.

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