Alexandrian Voices “Meet Mozart” in Salzburg

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this year too Alexandrian Voices represent Alexandria and Greece in international choral fests. This time in Austria, they take part in the 17th International Cantus Music and Culture Festival & Choir Festival “Meet Mozart” Salzburg 2015.

Apart from the parallel events, opening and closing ceremonies, the Choir on Saturday will give a concert at Mirabell Gardens and of course the big festival concert at Mozarteum.

Alexandrian Voices depart by bus from Alexandria at 2/7, spend the night in Zagreb and then reach Salzburg at Friday afternoon. Likewise they leave Salzburg early on Monday Morning, spend a night at Beograd and finally arrive late at night on Tuesday, 7th July, at Alexandria’s Town hall.

Melissanthi is conducted by Eleni Theodoridou. Kostas Pantelidis accompanies at the piano and of course Grigoris Savvopoulos puts his artistic signature.

We hope to a descent presence this time, too, that will leave positive impressions to experts and friends.

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