International Day of People with Disability: The Next Day

amea-day3rd December, International Day of People with Disability and Alexandrian Choirs are once more proud of their children.

In particular, the pupils of E2 of the 1rst primary school of Alexandria – some of whom are members of Melissanthi – in cooperation with the Primary Eduction of Imathia under the program Child & Cinema of the Naoussa International Film Festival created with sencitivity a short film on the subject.

In short the story is about Alexander, an eleven year old that stayed physically disabled after an accident which has radically changed his life. The world around him, looks hostile. Even the school area is not easily accessible. His classmates, however, did not give up and try to prove to hime that there is “The Next Day“.

You can see the trailer on youtube or look for more info at Naoussa International Film Festival.

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