Thank you for making a World Choirs Games Award possible

Χορηγοί Ρίγα 2014 για Αλεξανδρινές Φωνές - sliderA special thanks to all of you, people and enterprises, that supported us to make the dream of the World Choir Games 2014 come true for Alexandrian Voices and the town of Alexándria, Imathia, Greece.

For sure Conductors, Pianist and Choristers have worked hard for this achievement but nothing would have happened without:

the boτη σθεναρή υποστήριξη

the bold support of the Mayor Fotis Dimitriadis
and the Municipality of Alexandria in total.

the strungle of the
Presindent Takis Papadopoulos
and the Boarding Members of KEDA
(Company for Common Good of Alexandria Municipality).

the financial and moral support of

the companies (alpabeticaly):
AGRITEX SA with the famous Lucia Tomato of Alexandria (Newsite)
Olympia Electronics
Silk And Design (Advertising, Pourtsidis Giannis – Karagianni Efi)
VELLOUM International Cerification Services (Cambridge Vellum)
Vitro Hellas S.A.
Anthypatopoulos Athanasios (Commerce, Chemicals, Gas, Paints, Explosives)
Vezyroglou Antonios &Co (Horticultural)
Kalotsi Gaseosa
Gasnakis Antonios SA (Pig Farm)
Dounavis Christos (Pickles Production)
Kapetanios SA
Kroustalis A Evaggelos (Cotton Industry)
Bravos Sound & Light (Facebook)
Karanika Mills with the flower Koula
Nalbantis Konstantinos (Green Center – nursery garden)
Semertzis Multistores
Tsiapanitis Go Electric
Physiologike IKE (Biological Products Proof & Certification)

the professionals and scientists:
Alexopoulos S &Co (Insurance)
Glopirtzis Ioannis (Dentist)
Kyropoulos Georgios (Radiologist)
Kyropoulos Nikolaos (Oculist)
Moustakas Athanasios (Economist)
Mpalita Elena (Notary)
Mprouskelis Nikolaos (Urologist Andrologist)
Pourliotopoulos Fotios (Dentist)

the members of the Parliament:
Tsavdaridis Lazaros
Vesyropoulos Apostolos
Giovanopoulos Konstantinos

the Greek Parliament and
the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace

the new Mayor of Alexandria
Gkyrinis Panagiotis

the Folk Dresses of Olga Svolou for the unique katsoulia
and Mr Apostolos Padios for the Folk dance training

and of course όall of you who’ve been supporting us with your love!


And we hope that with the beging of the new choral season our choirs, Melissanthi and Alexandrian Voices, will expand and grow stronger looking to the future with more optimism envisioning new goals.Χορηγοί Ρίγα 2014 για Αλεξανδρινές Φωνές - slider

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